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Brendan O'Leary

Brendan O'Leary

May 17, 2024
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We’re getting started!

Thank you for signing up for the GetSphere.dev newsletter. We’re thrilled to have you join our community as we embark on this exciting journey.We’re excited to announce that our website and waitlist are now live at getsphere.dev - check it out and let us know what you think!

What is GetSphere?

GetSphere.dev is a hosted SaaS version of the open-source project crowd.dev. As you may know, both Crowd.dev and Orbit are shutting down their SaaS services after they were acquired. In response, the Liscio Apps team created GetSphere.dev to ensure that you can continue to harness the power of crowd.dev without worrying about managing your own infrastructure.

You can learn more at GetSphere.dev!

What to expect next

Our team is currently working hard to get the infrastructure up and running in alpha. Soon, we will invite a select group of beta customers to try out the software. If you’re interested in being one of the first to experience GetSphere, sign up here. Following the beta phase, we plan to launch the service to the general public before crowd.dev shuts down.

Stay Tuned!

Keep following this newsletter for updates on our progress, exclusive insights, and more. We’re excited to have you with us as we build the future of community management together.

You can also follow along with the open source fork of CrowdDotDev that we’ve spun up here: https://gitlab.com/liscioapps/getsphere/getsphere

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