About Sphere

About GetSphere.dev

Sphere - getsphere.dev - is a hosting platform for crowd.dev

With the recent acquisition of Crowd.dev by the Linux Foundation, the SaaS version of Crowd.dev will be discontinued on June 30, 2024.

getsphere.dev will be offering hosting services for the open source version of crowd.dev for a nominal hosting cost, allowing users to continue to use crowd.dev even after the SaaS is discontinued

About Crowd.dev

What is Crowd.dev?

Crowd.dev is an open source tool and former SaaS product that allows you to combine data from GitHub, LinkedIn, your product, and many other sources to understand which companies engage with your developer product. Sync insights with your CRM to prioritize the right accounts and build pipeline.

About Sphere

What is Sphere?

Sphere is a community-driven fork of the crowd.dev project.
If you would rather self-host Sphere ... go for it! It is Apache 2.0 licensed and availble for anyone to host on their own. If you'd like to support the development of the open source version of Sphere, you can do so on GitHub.

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